Exciting times ahead...

Duck Egg Coffee Scoop

Duck Egg Coffee Scoop

So a few weeks ago I mentioned on Instagram that I was planning ways of taking my little business forward. I can now share with you one of those changes.
Since I began back in 2015 (can't actually believe I am well in to my 2nd year as a full time potter!) I have mostly been making pottery 'made to order'. With limited stock storage space in my little shed this allowed me to test out what you guys wanted most from a broad collection of designs. This has been great and has worked better than I ever imagined but after 18 months of being a maker I feel I have a better grasp of what you guys like. 
From now on I will be working on a 'drop ship' basis. Basically, this means I will now be making stock in small batches and updating my Etsy, Folksy and website shops every few weeks with live stock which is ready to ship straight away. This is great in two ways; for you it means you can get your hands on pretty pots much quicker - once you see it, buy it - it will be with you in two shakes of a postman's satchel! You won't have to wait 3-4 weeks for me to make it. For me it means my making will be more much efficient; rather than making one or two of lots and lots of different things at the same time, I'll be working methodically (a kiln full of mugs, a kiln full of jugs etc).
I'll never be a production potter, I will still be celebrating the individual characteristic of each piece as it emerges from the mud but it means my making can be a bit more streamlined - firings will be more economical and more focused. It is a bit scary as I'm kind of in limbo at the moment, I won't be restocking my shop for another couple of weeks until I have built up enough pots, which means I'm not actually selling anything AT ALL at the moment - eeek! (it will be beans on toast for us for a couple of weeks). But I hope once I am in a rhythm it will work really well in the long run. I hope this hasn't made you fall asleep, but it is an exciting change for me and I wanted to share with you my progress as a #potter and a #girlboss ;-) 

Thank you so much for your support and patience whilst I restock my shop over the next few weeks.

K x

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