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My Journey

I started pottery as a hobby nearly 14 years ago. After finishing my fine art degree, I was working in a 9-5 office job and needed to do something creative to keep me sane so I tried an evening pottery class and was hooked, I'd rushed home from work every evening and pot late into the night. Being a potter felt like it was something other people did - always a little too far out of my reach. But in 2015, I took the plunge gave up the day job to follow my dream to be a potter full time

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My Work

I design and hand-make everything from my studio shed, just outside of Bath, Somerset. I would describe my work as modern rustic with organic undertones.  Growing up by the coast, the textures and colours of my favourite childhood beaches are a constant inspiration. I go to the coast regularly to recharge and gather inspiration. Each individual pot is lovingly crafted to have it's own unique characteristics and personality, no two pieces are exactly alike making each one a little work of art