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the more people who have clay in their lives the better…

…Do you want to be the first to know about my new work? Before Instagram, before my newsletter subscribers? Even before my mum!? Sorry mum. Do you want to get access to exclusive seconds sales? Do you want to get priority communications? making sure your message doesn’t get lost in the Instagram DM black hole? Do you want to tell me what YOU want to see in my next shop update.

WAIT, there’s more!…

Do you want real time, detailed, narrated POTTERY TUTORIAL VIDEOS? My top pottery tips and tricks (I have never before shared on Instagram or in my blog?) real studio insights? - how I set up and run my studio. Business & marketing tips? all the super juicy stuff - no question off the table. If it all goes well I may even introduce real life pottery shaped rewards for long term supporters? If your answer is, hell yeah!?

I think we’re going to be friends…

Not quite sure? Scroll down to read more…

Come and join my Pottery Club

Come and join my Pottery Club

Pottery really is such a beautiful craft.

If you’re here, I’m guessing it’s because you’re already nuts about pottery, or maybe because you found your way here via Instagram, and now you’re looking for…. more.

I want to help as many of you as possible to discover the joy of clay. I want to accompany you on your own pottery journey. Help you grow your skill, share my love of this wonderful craft with the world but in a sustainable and mindful way.

I started my Pottery Club as a place where I can do that. I want to keep up the clay-conversation with YOU (beyond Instagram or email). I want YOU, my supporters to feel valued, treasured (because you really are) and given all the extra treats you deserve. As well as giving exclusive early access to new work, limited edition collections and seconds sales. I started my Pottery Club as a place to share all the best pottery tips and tricks from my journey of being a full-time potter. I get such a thrill from sharing my knowledge and skills as a potter. When someone make their first mug or bowl I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I want to give you the time and attention you deserve as a maker. In my pottery club you can progress at your own pace, in the comfort of your home, studio, garage, shed… wherever!

No competition, no comparison just sheer joy.

Happiest of Fridays friends☀️☀️☀️
This piece is one of my favs from the last firing (there were a few) the way the two glazes have merged to create a completely new third glaze. The mixing doesn’t just change the colour it changes the texture and viscosity. Ain’t ceramics magic?! So looking forwards to creating more alchemy like this with new glazes over the coming months🤞🏻
We’re off to the seaside later today🏖. Camping🏕🙈but first work!
This one is still available in my shop😉 
Link in bio 😘

Let me level with you…

I am only one (quite small) woman with only one pair of hands and despite having big dreams there are only so many pots one person can make and at the same time keep connecting and sharing my skills with you to the level I want and stay healthy in the process. I’ve kinda reach a plateau.

I never want to stop supplying you with thrilling new work, doing the job I am passionate about everyday and engaging with you lovely people but the truth is, it’s hard. And that’s ok, it’s always been my dream to reach my full potential as a maker and as a business but it needs to be sustainable.

I LOVE sharing my pottery tips and tricks, the lessons I have learnt over the years I’ve been on this little pottery adventure and I also LOVE connecting with as many of you as I can via social media but how can I do that when there are only so many hours in the day? Every hour counts when you're a self-employed, one-woman plate-spinner. You are a wonderful bunch and the reason I am here so I've been trying to think of a better way to connect with you - give back, but at the same time not spend 3 hours a day glued to my phone (cause we all know how that feels). So, over the past few months I've been trying to find a way I can reach more people. Drum roll…. presenting…My Pottery Club….

By joining me there you are making it possible for me to continue to make awesome pots and at the same time giving you a regular fix of your pottery addiction.

Thank the kiln gods!

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So, what do Pottery Club members get?

pottery club Tier One (‘pottery Lover’) Gets:

  • First access (before everyone else) to limited editions and ALL brand new work.

  • Exclusive access to Pottery Club - ONLY Seconds Sales (roughly every 6 months or when I need more room in my studio)

  • Priority communication. I will answer all messages as soon as I can (normally within a day)

  • A personal thank you note.

  • You'll also be helping me pay for me to have a studio assistant once a week, giving me the space and time to experiment and create new work.

Pottery club Tier two (‘Pot Crazy’) gets:

  • Everything that ‘Pottery Lovers’ gets.

  • POTTERY TUTORIAL VIDEOS (e.g. How to throw a large bowl) Monthly, real time, detailed, narrated and captioned.

  • Regular pottery tips and tricks (I have never before shared on Instagram or on my blog)

  • Studio insights - how I set up and run my studio.

  • Business & marketing tips. The honest truth about what it takes to be a potter full time.

  • Priority communication. I prioritise my Pottery Club over all other communication avenues. Need help with something pottery related? I’m here!

  • If it all goes well I may even introduce real life pottery shaped rewards for long term supporters.

There is no contract and no time period you need to commit to. I simply hope I can make it good enough that you’ll want to stick around. You can cancel any time and I won’t think any less of you.

I'm always blown away by the lengths you go to in order to support me and I’m touched by how much you want to connect with me and learn from me. If you feel genuinely moved to support my work, you're curious about what treats could await you in my Pottery Club and how in turn how you will be supporting my little studio, click on the button below….

My Pottery Club is hosted over on Patreon.com. If you have any questions about my Pottery Club simply click here, I will be happy to chat to you about it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support.