Keeping dreaming...

When this email landed in my inbox a few weeks ago, I actually felt myself blush a little. I always enjoy it when someone takes the time out of their day to write to me but to be described as 'inspiring' is a little overwhelming. 

This lady was me three years ago. When I was a hobby potter I got constant inspiration from other 'full-time creatives' blogs, Facebook pages etc... back then it seemed so abstract to me to be making a living from creating things (they don't actually teach you how to do that at university - well, they didn't when I went!). At that point I felt like being self-employed was what other people did - entrepreneurs, business people, trades people - people with guts! Not me - I was hooked on the concept of a constant wage, a pension, colleagues (all in the same boat as me - with dreams just out of reach) let alone being self employed as a POTTER!

However, here I am in my second year as a full-time maker, with my first tax return under my belt (an experience I am glad only comes around once a year;-) To be able to offer a little inspiration to other budding creatives is a dream come true. I didn't think it was possible but here I am. Whatever it is, you can do it. As long as you are doing something you love, your passion is infectious and others will want you to succeed and support will follow. It works both ways; this lady's email is just that kind of support and gives me the strength to keep going when I've had a plate crack in the kiln, a bad glaze batch or a week of slow sales, this gave me the energy boost to carry on. I hope this blog can offer a little of that energy to you to keep going. 

I am not a natural writer so her encouragement with my blog means a lot too. Inspiration for blog posts don't come to me that often, so I have to act on it when it does. So I asked this lady if I could share her email with you. Respecting her privacy, I have blacked-out her name and will call her 'C'. Most sincerely, thank you 'C'.  

Keep dreaming, keep planning, there is enough room for everyone to be doing what they love. If I can do this - anyone can - that means you! 


Frosty Blue Green Mug

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K x