Chatting to Paul Blais on The Potters Cast

Back in September I had the great honour of chatting to Paul Blais, founder of The Potters Cast Podcast…


An institution amongst potters, it was like chatting to Pottery Royalty. Picture the scene - me; a little frazzled after a full day throwing - with clay in my scrapped back hair and no makeup - lol! Little did I know Paul would Skype me with the VIDEO TURNED ON! But I feel like the playing field was totally levelled as soon as I realised Paul was still in his jammies! (it was 6:30am in Portland, Oregon)

I absolutely loved chatting to Paul, we discuss life before pottery, what made me take the leap from my day job and branding & marketing for potters. I think we properly bonded over ‘the pig with a witch on its back’ convo… haven’t got a clue what I am on about? ;-) Make yourself a cuppa (in your hand made mug of course!) and have a listen to our conversation below… don’t forget to rate and review the podcast in iTunes.