Sea Foam Bowl

Sea Foam Bowl


Thrown on my potter's wheel using fine white St. Thomas stoneware clay. This decorative bowl was dried slowly for several days before the base was trimmed and a foot ring added. Slowly dried out completely over several weeks. It was initially fired to 1000 degrees. It was then glazed with a unique crystalline glaze on the interior and a pale blue gloss on the outside. It was fired to 1195 degrees centigrade and control cooled in my kiln to encourage the crystals to form. My potter's mark is on the footring.

Dimensions (approx):

Height: 3, 1/2 inches, 9cm

Diameter: 11 inches, 28cm

Weight: 1.5kg

Made using lead free glazes.

NB: This crystal glaze is a 'soft' glaze and can be easily marked with cutlery. It is designed to be decorative rather than to serve food. It's perfectly suitable to use for a fruit bowl.

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