Stormy Seas Mug & Tea Gift Set

Stormy Seas Mug & Tea Gift Set

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This one’s especially for tea connoisseurs.
I teamed up with artisan tea expert Cynthia from LA’s OneTea to create these unique limited edition tea sets. Perfectly pairing an ethically sourced, small batch, speciality tea with a handmade mug and stoneware teaspoon all neated boxed.

My Stormy Seas Mug has been expertly paired with OneTea ‘Kanoka Assam’ tea. This Assam black tea is OneTea’s best seller, and come from a truly awesome farm where the land has never had pesticides or chemicals used on it, they've always grown organic. ‘I chose to pair this tea with this mug, since the village where the estate is, Panchnoi Village, experiences lots of rain and is a very tropical, humid, stormy climate. This constant delivery of stormy weather contributes to the beautifully robust, malty flavors in the tea.’ - Cynthia at OneTea

Gift Set Includes: 28grams of speciality Kanoka Assam Tea, Stormy Seas Mug and matching Stoneware Teaspoon.

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