Air Planter Kit

Air Planter Kit

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Air Planter Kit - all you need to bring a touch of the forrest to your home.
Including: Stoneware Hanging Pot, Cute Little Tillandsia ‘Tillie’ Air Plant, Pink Pearlescent Gravel

Tillandsia are great air purifiers - absorbing contaminants from the air in your home.

I threw a ball of clay onto my potter's wheel and carefully shaped into a rounded shape. Thrown thinly making it light and perfect for hanging. It was cut off the wheel with a wire and put to one side until 'leather hard'. It was then put back on the wheel, upside down and the base fettled and the holes for the twine cut. Some throwing lines from the making process have been left visible. The planter was left to dry out completely before it was fired for 24 hours in my electric kiln. Once cooled down it was dipped into a chalky white glaze, the inside left unglazed to help with drainage. It is finally fired a second time to 1222 degrees making it super strong. The planter comes with 40cm of 3ply rustic jute hanging twine.

My potter's mark is on the base.

Dimensions (approx):
Height: 5cm, 2 inches
Diameter: 11cm, 4 1/4 inches

Made using lead free glazes.

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Air Plant care:
Air plants love humid atmospheres so a bathroom or kitchen is ideal but bedrooms and studies are also great. Spritz your air plant (preferably with rain water) a couple times a week. Give them a full dip every now and then but make sure they fully dry out. ‘Tillies’ enjoy bright indirect sunlight. ‘Tillies’ do not need soil to grow.

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