Lichen Hand Thrown Teapot

Lichen Hand Thrown Teapot


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A tea lovers treat.

Thrown from beautiful white stoneware clay in three separate pieces; the body, the spout and the lid. Along with the unique handle, the pieces have been carefully constructed together to create this one of a kind pot. My signature butter curl handle detail finishes the lid. The teapot has been glazed in colours inspired by the yellow lichen which inhabits on the rocks of my favourite Devon beach. Twice fired to 1200 degrees centigrade for 24 hours in my kiln. My potter's mark is on the base. 

Made to serve one. 

This teapot pours beautifully and has been designed to minimise drips.

I advise warming the pot, use real tea leaves and enjoy giving yourself this moment everyday.

Dimensions (approx):

Length from handle to spout tip: 22cm

Width: 10cm

Height: 10cm

Volume: 350ml, one large cup or two small cups

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