Stormy Seas Planters & Saucers - Set of Three

Stormy Seas Planters & Saucers - Set of Three


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Set of three rustic handmade planter & saucers - made up of three unique pots. Display them together as a set or split them up as gifts. Ideal for kitchen herbs, cacti or succulents.

Thrown on my potter's wheel and carefully shaped into plant pots and saucers. Cut off the wheel with a wire and put to one side until 'leather hard'. They were then put back on the wheel, upside down and the bases fettled and the holes for drainage cut. The planters and saucers were left to dry out completely before it was fired for 24 hours in my electric kiln. Once cooled down the plant pots and saucers were dip glazed in a stormy seas glaze, each with a unique patter. The insides have been left unglazed to help with drainage. They were finally fired a second time to 1200 degrees.

You'll need to pop in your own plants. 

My potter's mark is on the base of the saucers.

Dimensions (approx):
Height: 9 - 9.5cm,
Diameter (widest point): 9 - 10cm,

Saucer diameter: 9.5cm

Made using lead free glazes.
Sold without plants.

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