Soft Grey Candle Stick Holder

Soft Grey Candle Stick Holder


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Hygge inspired hand thrown ceramic candlestick holder with beeswax candle.

I threw this chunky candle stick on my potter's wheel from one ball of dark terracotta stoneware clay. 
Left to dry for a few days I trimmed the base and added the handle. Then left to dry out for a week.
Once completely dry I fired it in my electric kiln to 1000 degrees, after-which it was dip glazed using a white glaze which turned to a soft grey over the dark clay. They were then fired a second time to over 1200 degrees.

I made my own rolled beeswax candle for the photo - which I will include.

My potter's mark is on the base.
Dimensions (approx)
Diameter: 10cm - 13cm
Height: 4cm

NB: This candle stick has a wide holder so most candles will fit in without having to trim them. In order to make a standard stick stand up straight- drip some melted wax into the holder and then pop in your candlestick. If you prefer your candle to fit perfectly- these rolled beeswax candles were super fun to make :-)

Made using lead free glaze.

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