Chalky White Citrus Squeezer

Chalky White Citrus Squeezer


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Handmade Citrus Squeezer.
A unusual gift for foodies, chefs or people who like pretty things in their kitchen.
This pretty citrus juicer is made from stoneware clay and food safe glaze. The lemon squeezer is hand thrown from one piece of clay on my potters wheel. A tiny additional piece of clay is added at the lip to catch any pips. It is partially dried for two or three days then fettled creating the channels for the juice to flow down into the saucer. It is then left to dry out completely before being fired to 1060 degrees centigrade. Individually painted with a chalky white glaze and high fired to 1250 degrees making it strong and durable. Each one has it's own unique character. My potters mark is on the base.

Diameter: 10 - 11cm, 4 3/4 inches
Height: 5cm, 2inches

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