Ocean Candle

Ocean Candle


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*NEW* Hand Poured Soy Ocean Scented Candles

With salt in the air and late summer sun on your skin - my candles will transport you to your favourite stretch of coastline.

This handmade stoneware candle was thrown on my potter's wheel. When the candle was partially dried the base was fettled and my potter’s mark added. Once bone dry it is fired to 1060 degrees centigrade. I decorate the candle with a speckle white ‘Seas Salt’ glaze and warm matt grey glaze - on the outside and glossy transparent on the inside. It is high fired to 1220 degrees centigrade. The candles are made of soy and hand poured by my lovely friend Natalie from Combe Down Candles.

Candle Dimensions (all measurements are approx): 
Height: 8.5 - 10cm
Diameter: 8 - 9.5cm
Weight: 500g

Made with lead free glazes.                                         

By the very nature of handmade each candle is unique, the one you receive may vary slightly from the pictures.

Please trim the wick of your candle to 5mm before lighting. NEVER leave a candle unattended. Do not burn around children or pets.

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