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Doing it for the girls...

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Handmade Ceramic Spoons

Handmade Ceramic Spoons

During this International Women's Day, whilst spending my day adding pretty new things to my website, I quietly reflected on the last 11 months. Time has flown and my work (and confidence) has progressed more than I could have imagined. Still so much to learn - about business, about making a profit, about myself but I've never felt more empowered. I feel so very privileged to be running my own business. Working all the hours god sends but for myself, no one else. My gratitude level is through the roof, mainly because I live in a country which allows women to be masters of their own destiny (most of the time) and to be able to make things for a living is flipping ace. *Tiny little woop* 

This post was originally written on Instagram for 8th March International Women's Day and added to my blog later. Pop on over to Instagram @karaleighceramics and follow along.